Desperately Seeking Snoozin' - INSOMNIA CURE - John Wiedman
Dr. Peter Hauri, considered by many to be the world's leading authority
on insomnia, says Desperately Seeking Snoozin' is "A book that every
insomniac should read". Dr. Hauri is Director of the Mayo Clinic
Insomnia Program and author of No More Sleepless Nights.

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  • Over 60 million people suffer from frequent or chronic insomnia

  • Annual cost for treatment of insomnia estimated at $10.9 billion

  • Individuals sleeping fewer than six hours each night had a 70% higher mortality rate than those that slept seven or eight hours a night

  • 40% of insomniacs reported the use of either over-the-counter medications or alcohol in an inappropriate attempt to alleviate their sleep problems

  • The prevalence of insomnia may be 40% or higher for women over the age of 40 (Source: the National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research report to Congress, Wake up America: A National Sleep Alert)


    "John, I just want to thank you for basically saving my life." Sandy Wolbert Baltimore, MD

    "I feel compelled to write you in thanks for writing your invaluable book. (Where has your book been all my life!?) I'm following your guidelines to a successful result I never imagined was possible!" David Wrenn

    "I just wanted to let you know that after almost 3 years of trying to find a way to cure my insomnia--I finally did it... I have read every book, viewed every tape, special on TV, read everything on-line, etc.....And your book, with it's simple common sense, was what finally clinched with me." Fannie C. Searels, GA

    "After reading your book and trying your plan to the letter and watching immediate improvements in my sleep, I came to one inescapable conclusion, you are a genius!!" Kailash, San Jose , California

    "Well, I've been using the plan for about one week. This is truly amazing. How simple but what a wonderful result... I go to sleep within 15 minutes !!!!!! I have not done that in my entire life. (I'm 49 ) Thanks again !!!!!!!" God Bless - Richard Aubrey

    "I had to mail you and tell you how greatful I am for this book. I checked out 7 books on insomnia and almost didn't want to read yours because I thought a single person's bout with insomnia wouldn't help me. I was wrong... A thousand thank yous!!! It's been 3 weeks for me." Melanie McLeod - Palm Bay

    "Thank you for your book. I'm going to buy a copy to keep, and I am going to
    tell everyone who cares to listen that this plan works. I hope you make millions: you deserve to live in peaceful luxury." Eric Lane Barnes - Seattle, WA

    "I just can't believe what is happening. I feel so much energy and so much better, and my husband is thrilled. He hated seeing me suffer. He says I sleep like a log! I am so excited about this, I am telling everyone and emailing people I know with insomnia to BUY YOUR BOOK. It is totally amazing to me that it works. I was not expecting these results. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear man, for sharing this discovery. You should make a million dollars from it! You deserve it!" Jerilyn - Northern California

    "Congratulations on your great book. I too, am a career insomniac. Though I am also a shrink, I was totally unable to get any relief from 15 years of insomnia. Your book has put me on the path to a cure." - Jody Dean, Ph.D. Director, Employee Assistance Program Hughes Electronics/DirecTV

    "I have followed your advice completely and I have slept sound for 7 nights in a row. Life is wonderful again and I just wanted to thank you." Eileen - New Orleans

    "..all I can say is WOW! IT WORKS!! .... Thanks for your GREAT book!" Jill, Wisconsin

    "I was a severe chronic insomniac for years until I read your book - and it works - what a miracle and a lifesaver!! Thank you so much for publishing your story and suggestions." Kelly Lam, Hong Kong

    "I think your book is great. I appreciate how open you are about your own problem. I thank you very much for sharing this part of your life with us. I know God gives us people in our lives who will help us through difficult times. You are that person for me. I pray that God will give you strength to continue your work to help others. And when I'm cured, I hope to be a source of hope to others too." Anonymous

    "Still sleeping soooo good! I almost forgot how miserable I was 13 months ago. When I remind myself I almost think I'm dreaming!! I can never thank you enough for writing DSS and changing my life :)" - Holly Boettcher, Insomniac, Appleton, WI

    "... I think you might have saved my life... Thanks again for writing a wonderful book!" -Laura MacAloney Toronto, ON

    "I believe what makes this book special and more useful than other books is that John Weidman has identified the key discovery to falling asleep and staying asleep without use of drugs. Although I was skeptical about any "cure" for insomnia, this book has allowed me to overcome my 20 plus years of insomnia. I am so grateful John has written this book...Buying this book was perhaps the best investment I have ever made. I would gladly have paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars to cure my insomnia. I recommend this book to anyone suffering from insomnia."
    Dan Meier, Sacramento, California

    "John, if you never sell another book, you have been a success because you have changed my life and I am worth it!!!" -Virginia L. Biasotto, Chairman/person of the board of Reading ASSIST Institute, Wilmington, DE.

    "As far as I'm concerned, your book was the greatest thing I'll ever find on the internet!!... Thanks for a great book." Dayne Duke, Culpeper VA

    "I love your book." Nancy Buckpitt, Sacramento, California

    "thanks for your book, without which I wouldn't have been motivated to control my unbearable insomnia..." psychophysiological insomniac new york city

    "Your book is just excellent."-Monica Thomas, Canberra Australia

    "I am now into the 4th week of your method and it is working!! I am pinching myself every morning in disbelief!!" - Dick Cahall, Bend, OR

    "My family and friends can't believe that I can sleep! I almost can't believe it!...I'm alive again!" Holly Boettcher, Insomniac, Appleton, WI

    "I really enjoyed your book - it gave me the 'quit whining and get over this' kick in the pants I needed. You're inspiring!"-Laura, Insomniac, Albuquerque, NM

    "I found you on the internet, and sent my Dad a copy of the book. He actually read it and is sleeping after 30 years of insomnia. Thanks!"-Jennifer Beyer, Baltimore, Maryland

    "I thank the Lord for finding your work on the net. Had had a terrible night of insomnia the previous night and was asking Him for help and the next day came your site came up while searching for an unrelated topic! Thanks for your work." -Bob Y,Lee's Summit, MO

    "You asked for feedback on 'Snoozin' so here it is: It works, it works, it works!...This book did for me what I thought was impossible, and in 4 days. Thank you!" Betsy, Insomniac, Shardon, OH

    "Your book is doing wonders for me. It has taken away the ANXIETY that I would feel during the day wondering if I would sleep at night... By the way if I could nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize I would.Thanks........" Eric Shine, Insomniac, Denver, Colorado

    "Now I am writing you to say, ‘Thank you.’ Your book is the first healthy thing I have ever done to undo this affliction.... Slept from 1:30 until 6 after the previous night of 8 hours. Felt great today. I can't tell you how good I feel that this has been done drug free."-Virginia L. Biasotto, Chairman/person of the board of Reading ASSIST Institute, Wilmington, DE.

    "What an educational & entertaining read it was. You're quite the character. Once I started it I couldn't put it down. I loved it!" Anonymous Insomniac, Tokyo, Japan

    "I put the principles to work and I now am able to get to sleep without medications or any other ‘cures,’" Jodi Judson, Insomniac, Nashville, TN

    "Your approach is fantastic. Who better to write a book about curing insomnia than an insomniac himself." Insomniac

    "I almost didn't want the book to end...The book was well written, comforting, compassionate, clear and funny. When dealing with something as serious as insomnia, a sense of humor is a good coping mechanism. I've never read a book on insomnia that was written that way before. Most were boring and left me feeling hopeless. It was also obvious the books that I had read were not written by anyone that has ever suffered sleep problems before." Meg Kampen, Insomniac, Washington State

    "Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. It has been a G-dsend. I plan to tell my friends, there's hope." J. Alexander, Insomniac

    "Wonderful book! It corresponds very nicely with the approach that I am following at the Duke Sleep Disorders clinic here in North Carolina. I have had good results with the program, and I am finding your book to be a marvelous support." Eric, Insomniac, North Carolina

    "...the compassion you have for fellow sufferers comes across page after page.   This is more than just another book, it is an achievement of which you can be justly proud for many years to come. It is clear that your motivation in writing it was born out of a genuine interest in helping others." Roger Braner, Insomniac

    "From the first contact I had with your book, I can say I am seduced by its humour, simplicity, modesty and maybe most important its humanity. Your idea of writing about your experience in order to share it with others and bringing this adventure to a happy end is also something I find exciting." Insomniac, Belgium

    "The title is fabulous and your humor injected into the book was great." Insomniac

    "I am still having continuing success. I only had one episode of insomnia through the summer. I was afraid that once I started back to work (teaching school) I may revert to my insomniac behavior. However, School has been going on for a month and I have enjoyed a full six to eight hours of sleep every night." Insomniac, Oklahoma

    "Good book, great system. It's been 2 weeks now and I've had only one really bad night, 2 not so good nights and the rest have been good. Even the not so good nights weren't terrible." - Alan in San Diego

    "I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with insomnia." Richard G. Copen, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist Clinical Director, Insomnia Clinic Sparrow Sleep Center, Lansing, MI

    "An in-depth journey into the life of the insomnia patient. Truly exceptional and insightful." Dr. Alan Arrington, The Columbia Center for Sleep Disorders, Huntsville, AL

    "An excellent resource that I will recommend to all my patients with insomnia. I think the patient can really relate to this book and say to themselves, ‘This is exactly what I am going through.’" Ron Fossececo, RRT, RPSGT, Prog. Coordinator, Sleep Center of Southern Colorado at Parkview

    "I do feel that your book is the best book I have ever read on the subject of insomnia published by a non physician....Quite frankly I tend to suggest to my patients that they use it as a roadmap/guide book in their quest to achieve a restful night's sleep." Dr. Howard Lee, Director of the Sleep Disorders Centers @ St Mary Hospital in Langhorne, PA

    "A very good summary of techniques to manage insomnia.  I would recommend it to anyone with long-term insomnia." Dr. William Pistone, Sacred Heart Sleep Disorders Center, Sacred Heart Hospital, Allentown, PA

    "Your book gives an accurate representation of the inappropriate behaviors and beliefs that many insomniacs have, and also accurately portrays the frustrations encountered in obtaining help. I routinely recommend it to change my patient's approach to their illness. The advice of a doctor isn't always heeded as much as that from a fellow patient." Dr. Virgil Wooten, Director-Sleep Disorders Center of Greater Cincinnati

    "Hello! We at Gritman Medical Center in Moscow, ID have been recommending John Wiedman's book for over a year now and would really appreciate if you would include us on the website for the sleep labs that are recommending this outstanding book.  Thank you! Sincerely, Barb Piper RPSGT, RRT" 1/16/01

    Thanks to the many sleep clinics and professionals that are now recommending the book including the following:

    Alan H. Arrington, M.D
    The Crestwood Center for Sleep Disorders
    Huntsville, Alabama

    Kimberly A. Trotter, MA
    San Francisco, CA

    Ron Fossceco, RRT, RPSGT
    Sleep Center of Southern Colorado
    Parkview Medical Center
    Pueblo, Colorado

    Chris Becker, RPSGT

    Bruce Nolan, M.D.
    Miami, Florida

    Barb Piper RPSGT, RRT
    Gritman Medical Center
    Moscow, ID

    Barry Weber, M.D.
    Robin Lacey, Ph.D.
    Wayne Rubinstein, M.D.
    Lutheran General Hospital, Advocate
    Sleep Disorders Center
    Park Ridge, IL

    Todd Werner, RPSGT
    Breathing Disorders Sleep Lab
    Pikeville Methodist Hospital
    Pikeville, KY

    Ira Weinstein, MD
    Annapolis Pulmonary, Asthma, and Sleep Specialist
    Annapolis, MD

    Rick Copen, Ph.D.
    Sparrow Hospital
    Sparrow Sleep Center, Insomnia Clinic
    Lansing Michigan

    Shashidhar M. Shettar, M.D.
    Sleep/Wake Disorders Center SLU Care
    The Health Services Division of Saint Louis University
    St. Louis, Missouri

    Paula Page
    Sleep Disorders Center
    Capital Health System at Mercer
    Trenton, New Jersey

    Rita Brooks, RPSGT
    New Jersey

    William K. Wohlgemuth, Ph.D.
    Duke Sleep Disorders Center
    Durham, North Carolina

    Mike Adams, RPSGT
    North Carolina

    Dr. Ralph Redding, Pulmonolgist   New Bern, North Carolina
    Home Sleep Diagnostics  Newport, NC

    J. Baldwin Smith, III, M.D.
    North Carolina

    Virgil Wooten, M.D., Director
    Stephen J. Billmann, PsyD
    Sleep Disorders Center of Greater Cincinnati

    Joyce E. Gray, RN Manager
    Samaritan North Sleep Center
    Dayton, Ohio

    Louis Libby, M.D.
    The Oregon Clinic, Portland, Oregon
    Medical Director, Sleep Disorders Laboratory, Providence Portland Medical Center
    Diplomat of the American Board of Sleep Medicine

    William R. Pistone, D.O.
    Sacred Heart Sleep Disorders Center
    Sacred Heart Hospital
    Allentown, Pennsylvania

    Dr. Howard Lee, MD
    Saint Mary Sleep/Wake Disorder Center
    Langhorne, Pennsylvania
    The Lower Bucks Hospital
    Bristol, Pennsylvania
    Nazareth Hospital
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Freddie E. Wilson, M.D.
    Greenville, South Carolina

    Susan L. Snyder, Ph.D.
    Sleep Disorders Center
    Saint Thomas Hospital
    Nashville, Tennessee

    Edgar Lucas, Ph.D.
    Sleep Consultants, Inc.
    Fort Worth, TX

    Tim Aldridge, Director, BS, RRT
    Outpatient Sleep Analysis Center
    Pasadena, TX 77504

    Stephen Gorman, MD
    Vermont Medical Sleep Diagnostic Center
    Rutland, VT 05701

    Yvonne Wright-Dunn, BA, RPSGT

    Sleep Disorders Center
    Sacred Heart Doctors Building
    Spokane, WA 99204

    Attila A. Lenkey, Jr., MD
    Director of Sleep/Wake Disorder Center - Ohio Valley Medical Center
    Wheeling, W.VA

    C. Amick, RPSGT

    Tammy Streep, RET
    Electro-Diagnostic Services
    Kelowna General Hospital
    Kelowna, BC

    Dr. Helen Driver
    Sleep Research Laboratory
    Department of Psychiatry
    University of Toronto

    Dr. C. L. Voll

    Dr. Delwyn Bartlett
    Sydney, Australia


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